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Dry Eye Relief & Treatment with LipiFlow

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Relieve Your Frustration with Dry Eyes Using Eye Doctor Approved Lipiflow

Dry eye syndrome – a common and irritating condition – can be due to a variety of causes. In general, this condition occurs when your eyes do not produce enough moisturizing tears or when changes in your body decrease the quality of your tear composition. One common culprit behind dry eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), characterized by blocked meibomian glands in your eyelids. These glands are responsible for keeping your corneal well lubricated.

MGD can dramatically decrease the lipid quantity (fatty oils) of your tears, which makes the tears evaporate too quickly. In fact, eye care experts estimate that about 86% of all dry eye sufferers can blame MGD for their painful symptoms.

The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System, by Johnson & Johnson, is a new and specialized medical therapy to improve meibomian gland function and give sustained relief from dry eye irritation. We are proud to offer this effective breakthrough treatment in our eye care center.

How Does LipiFlow Work?

LipiFlow consists of a console and a single-use sterile Activator tool. To begin, our eye doctor will insert numbing eye drops so that the procedure does not cause any pain. Then, we will gently place a contoured eyepiece over your cornea, vaulting over your eye’s surface in order to protect the delicate parts of your eye.

When activated, LipiFlow uses peristaltic energy pressure and therapeutic heat to massage your eye. Numerous sensors are built into the device to regular the pressure pulses and temperature precisely. The combination of massage and heat works to expel any meibomian gland obstructions; any stagnant content in your glands is liquefied and pushed out. Start to finish, the entire procedure takes about 12 minutes in the comfort of our office.

Is LipiFlow Safe?

LipiFlow is FDA-approved, drug-free, and regarded as highly safe. The heat is regulated with high accuracy by multi-point sensors and continuous feedback, and the pressure is applied intelligently, with a specialized sequence of pulses that prevent any unnecessary intraocular pressure. Altogether, the procedure causes minimal discomfort with maximum safety and results.

Visit Our Dry Eye Specialist for LipiFlow

Every case of dry eye is unique. That’s why you need an experienced eye doctor to assess your condition, identify the cause, and recommend the most helpful dry eye treatment. Don’t let dry eye get in the way of your comfortable vision! Visit our optometry office for a thorough eye exam and we will provide you with personalized treatment, including LipiFlow, to alleviate your pain.