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I went to Valley eye care because I needed a new eye doctor. Also my eyes have changed and I knew the prescription needed updating. I also wanted a fresh stylish new pair of glasses. I have several friends and family members who recommended I go there so I already had high expectations. I have had difficult complex eye issues since childhood. I have had good eye care professionals and at times in my life not so good. First of all I want to compliment Dr. Hale. He is a thorough doctor. He is very detail oriented by nature. I cannot Say enough about how important it is for good eye care to have a doctor that is not just thorough but intuitive. I enjoyed all of the people I interacted with. I found my new home for eye care. I want to speak to the costs. I know we don’t all have unlimited financial resources. However our eyes should be a priority. I cannot imagine life without my eyes ! Frankly you get what you pay for. Although I did not find Valley eye care to be expensive compared to others, I will gladly pay for quality. Valley eye care is quality. I highly recommend them.

- Dan O. - Google Review 2019